To Life, To Art, To Fay

More than 70 Greater Boston arts, cultural and advocacy organizations gathered to present a free family festival inspired by the creative spirit of artist and The Art Connection’s founder, Fay Chandler.

FINDING FAY: A Free Family Festival, September 10-15, 2015

Check out photos from the festival here!

Fay passed away in Brighton, Massachusetts on March 3, 2015. She was making art and inspiring us until the very end! Her memory will live on in the work we do.

Creative Community at Danforth Art with painting Chin Up - October 2014

We have assembled two slideshows for you to enjoy…
The first, our favorite photographs of Fay at The Art Connection’s events, please click here and take a walk down memory lane with us.
The second is a digital catalog of Fay’s artworks placed through The Art Connection. See the artwork here and learn where it lives!
Read Fay’s obituary in the Boston Globe

Chand173   photo-tac-board-fay-chandler   Fay Chandler- Enigma - website

“…My paintings and objects continued to cry out for space of a different kind so at the age of 72, I got an idea- a basic concept that in time developed into The Art Connection! From the start, the enthusiasm of the recipients has been welcoming and warm…I’ll remind you that the concept has remained simple… From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.”
-Fay Chandler, remarks at her 80th Birthday in 2002