The Art Connection – Eclectic Art Inspires Residents at Covenant House Press Release

Art Exhibit Opening Planned on March 24th; Special Artist Guest Speaker


BOSTON / BRIGHTON – Covenant House collaborated with The Art Connection to bring an eclectic assortment of art to their home. The artwork, now hanging in the entry, elevator lobbies, hallways, and meeting rooms, enlivens the spaces, promotes socialization, and helps the building look more like a home. Covenant House staff and residents partook in the art selection process, viewing 300 artworks before finding just the right art to represent the diverse and multi-cultural nature of their home. The Art Connection facilitated the donation of 19 original works by artists for the dramatic installation.


Catrina Inzerillo, Covenant House’s Fitness and Activities Coordinator, said of the art selection process, “As we put together the art selection committee, we realized that this was going to be a really positive experience. Our committee shared a common goal; to choose pieces that would best suit our diverse population.”


For the past twenty-five years, Covenant House has provided quality, affordable housing for low-income elderly. Covenant House is home to a multi-cultural family with Russian, Chinese, English and Spanish speaking groups. In an attempt to breakdown language barriers, music, art, and movement are incorporated into their programs. Their vision has been to enable the elderly to have productive and enriching experiences throughout all of their years. Covenant House staff seeks to inspire its residents to appreciate artistic differences and become open to exploring a range of art and, perhaps even, their own unique inner artist.


Covenant House recently completed their installation of artwork acquired through The Art Connection. On Tuesday, March 24, Covenant House will host an Art Exhibit Opening from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm . Speaking at the art opening will be donating artist, Faith Hyde, who will talk about her art, her artistic inspirations, and her commitment to giving back to her community through The Art Connection’s art-gifting program. Of the 19 artworks selected by Covenant House, four of them were donated by Faith who says, “It’s a privilege to be included, to see these places, and meet the people involved. It’s entering a world and meeting people I would never otherwise see or know.”


As of this year, Faith has joined The Art Connection’s 100 club having donated 154 artworks to 48 Boston area community organizations in the past five years. Her lively caricatures, based on the people she comes across while out and about, inspire smiles at the many nonprofit agencies where her art resides.


Faith comments, “Helping people is very enriching for the artist, not only for the people who get the artwork. Participating in the art-gifting program helps me to be a better artist because it gives me an audience, helps me understand other communities, and gives the gift of compassion that you might not have noticed otherwise. I think I get more out of it than the people who get my art!”


Press are invited to attend the Art Exhibit Opening held on Tuesday, March 24 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Covenant House, located at 30 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135.


Artists or collectors interested in donating art and nonprofit organizations interested in receiving art should contact The Art Connection for more information. All financial gifts by new donors will be doubled as part of the Harvest & Seed Fund Matching Gift program. The Art Connection can be reached at 617-338-7668 or online at