Recipient FAQs

What is The Art Connection?

The Art Connection is the only non-profit in the Boston metro area that enriches and empowers underserved communities by providing access to original works of visual art. We were founded in 1995 by philanthropist and community leader in the Boston art scene, Fay Chandler to transform spaces, support art engagement, and empower through partnership with artists and social service agencies. Our primary offering is the Art Donation and Placement Program which results in permanent exhibitions of original artwork in social service spaces such as health clinics, homeless shelters, and safe houses. We also have the Artful Seeds Program, which results in art-making workshops as a form of reflection and community or team building.

How many artworks are on permanent exhibition?

In over two decades, we have placed nearly 8,000 artworks in over 400 different agencies in Greater Boston.

How many art donors participate?

Nearly 500 artists and collectors have donated their art through us.

What are the benefits of donating artwork?

Artists and collectors donate art through The Art Connection for a number of reasons, including permanent exhibition of their artwork, increased visibility, marketing, and outreach.

What makes an agency eligible for partnership? 

  • You are a 501(c)3 organization or public equivalent
  • You provide direct services to clients on-site
  • Your location has secure areas which are used regularly by clients
  • You are within a 15 mile radius of downtown Boston
  • You do not access to funds that could otherwise be used for the purchase of art
  • You have leadership staff member (ie. ED, CEO)available for 1 hour meetings
  • You are able to pick up artwork across Boston (which may include rental costs if you do not have access to a large vehicle for transport)
  • You are able to frame artwork selected that can range in cost from $200-$1,500.

Should you have an interest in Artful Seeds, additional criteria for eligibility includes:

  • You have a communal space with access to a water source (i.e. fountain/sink) that can host a group for a workshop
  • You have ongoing programming (i.e. support groups, lectures, or seminars) at your location

How does an agency apply?

An agency completes an online Application for Partnership  non-refundable application fee of $75, and Proof of Charitable Status. We review applications on a rolling basis and schedule a Site Visit with the agency to complete the application process. After the Site Visit, it takes us about a week to notify the agency of approval for partnership.

What are an agency’s responsibilities as a partner? A recipient agency of the Art Donation and Placement Program:

– Assembles a selection committee to choose art
– Picks up the art from the art donors by stated deadlines
– Arranges to frame any unframed artworks
– Installs art and corresponding stickers and plaques
– Meets all deadlines including and submits brief Six Month Report
– Acknowledge The Art Connection in your communications (i.e. website, social media, newsletter)
– Thanks all art donors in writing
– Holds a reception to celebrate the installation and welcome staff or volunteer to visit agency to take artwork inventory

A recipient agency of Artful Seeds:

  • Assigns a designated contact to co-schedule and attend preliminary workshop customization meetings
  • Provides on-site facilities for the workshop that can accommodate art making materials, anticipated number of participants, and staff
  • Advertises workshop to their clients and provide a minimum of 12 participants
  • Offers support staff for workshop session, if needed
  • Completes feedback via program evaluation form after workshop
  • Provides publicity post-workshop via their most visible forms of correspondence with their networks and the general public ( i.e. website, social media, newsletters or other) & notify The Art Connection within two weeks of completion

Who chooses the art?

Once approved for partnership, recipient agency selects the art for its walls during the Placement Visit. The agency assembles a selection committee (usually comprising a group of 6-10 staff, clients, board members, and/or volunteers) that reviews around 100 available artworks and chooses the most appropriate art for its site.

How much art do agencies receive?

An average art placement is 20-25 works, pending the size of the organization. After one year, agencies may be eligible to receive additional art.

What happens after an agency selects art?

When art is selected, The Art Connection contacts the art donors for approval and handles all the paperwork needed to donate the art. A key element of that is the Deed of Gift, which is a legal agreement acknowledging the transfer of ownership from the art donor to the agency. Upon receipt of the Confirmation Packet, the agency is expected to contact the art donors within 15 days and pick up the art within 30 days. Any art not picked up by the 3 month mark will be removed from placement.

How is the art transported?

The recipient agency is responsible for arranging a convenient time to pick up the art from art donors across Boston within 30 days. If you do not have access to large vehicles, you may need to rent one in order to complete the pickups.

Is the art framed?

Approximately half of the available art is ready to hang. On average an agency can expect to frame roughly half of their selected works. The cost to frame artwork varies on the size and number of pieces. At minimum we recommend you budget for at least $200-$1,500. The Art Connection will offer you a list of local framers who offer a discount to our partners.

What is the timeline for this process?

  • 3- 6 months