Art Placement Program

The Art Connection catalogs original artwork by artists and collectors interested in donating their art to recipient agencies. Most of our portfolio highlights diverse work by diverse local artists. The Art Connection helps agencies select permanent collections that are appropriate in both scale and content for their space. We have seen art bring hope and inspire people, while making their work, treatment, recovery, or living places simply better places to be.


Eligible agencies are invited to submit an Application to Receive Art. Our staff review ongoing applications and if approved, will contact you via email to move forward.

Application Check List (review additional FAQs)

Site Visit

At the Site Visit,  our Program Manager meets with agency staff to provide an in-depth overview of our unique art donation and placement program, including agency responsibilities and a tour of your facilities. This tour also sets parameters for the number and types of artworks to be considered for permanent exhibition.

Placement Visit

Agencies approved to receive art are invited to schedule a Placement Visit. This 1-2 hour process provides the opportunity for agency staff and program participants to view a digital portfolio of images of available art works and to select the work they wish to own and permanently display.