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Spring 2017 – “Art, Care & Hope: The Recipe for Expression”

Fall/Winter 2016
– “To Infinity & Beyond: How Art Placement Amplifies Community”

Spring/Winter 2016 – “Art to Aid in Family Growth”

Fall/Winter 2015 – “My First Months”

Spring/Summer 2015 – “Celebrating our Founders in our Twentieth Year”

Fall/Winter 2014 – “A Tribute to our Centennials”

Spring/Summer 2014 – “Department of Youth Services Connects to Art”

Fall/Winter 2013 – “On the Road”

Spring/Summer 2013 – “Community Health, Community Art”

Fall/Winter 2012 – “Boston’s South End Agencies Make The Art Connection”

Spring/Summer 2012 – “Family Legacies”

Fall/Winter 2011 – “Massasoit’s Open Museum Is Thriving”

Spring/Summer 2011 – “5,000 Reasons to Celebrate!”

Fall/Winter 2010 – “Dreams, Passion, and Perseverance”

Spring/Summer 2010 – “Art Fills Local Community Space
with Color”

Fall/Winter 2009 – “Twelve Years and Still Making a Difference”

Spring/Summer 2009 – “Art from the Heart”

Fall/Winter 2008 – “A Veteran’s Perspective on Art”

Spring/Summer 2008 – “Art For The Ages”

Fall/Winter 2007 – “Emotional Resonance at Boston Rescue Mission”

Spring/Summer 2007 – “Kids Like Art”

Fall/Winter 2006 – “Two Perspectives, One Shared Story in East Boston”

Spring/Summer 2006 – “The Portrait Project”

Fall/Winter 2005 – “Eleven Generous Artists”

Spring/Summer 2005 – “Fay Chandler’s ‘Viewpoints'”

Fall/Winter 2004 – “Ten|Tin Celebration: “If I Only Had Some Art!”

Spring/Summer 2004 – “The Art Connection Goes to Washington”

Fall/Winter 2003 – “A Little Italy in Greater Boston”

Spring/Summer 2003 – “Master Printer”

Fall/Winter 2002 – “Listening to Images:  The Art of Eleanor Rubin”

Spring/Summer 2001 – “Project 5/500”