Eligibility & Current Sites

Eligibility of Recipients

  • Organizations or programs working to create, sustain, or grow an art donation program
  • Have a board of directors and a 501(c) (3) status*
  • Located anywhere outside of the Greater Boston Area

* If your status is pending, please include a fiscal agency agreement. International agencies should provide an equivalent proof of NGO status.

To learn more about the mission of the Fay Slover Fund at The Boston Foundation and about potential expansion models the fund supports please visit our Expansion program homepage.

Fay Slover Fund Grant Priorities

Funding amounts will be awarded based on key indicators of success:

  • A demonstrated ability to acquire significant support from sources other than the Fay Slover Fund at The Boston Foundation
  • Sustainability beyond our funding period
  • Previous grantees who have demonstrated progress appropriate to the amount of funding they received in past years
  • Previous grantees who have demonstrated decreasing reliance on FSF funding, as evidenced by grant representing a smaller percentage of budget and/or requesting less than the largest grant size

Learn more about our current Expansion Sites:

Past Expansion Sites :