The Art Connection board and staff believe that other communities around the world could and ought to provide direct access to art for those who often have the least access to it.

The Fay Slover Fund has been established at The Boston Foundation to support start-up or program grants to organizations or programs within existing organizations with a mission to increase access to art in underserved communities. The Art Connection’s Expansion Committee serves as the fund adviser.

We have seen the following models achieve their goal of increasing access to art in their communities:

  • Independent nonprofit organizations, grown from the ground up
  • Programs within existing community arts organizations
  • Programs within colleges/universities
  • Collaborative efforts

The Art Connection’s program manager provides  training and consulting to Fay Slover Fund recipient organizations who wish to model their expansion work after our program.

Ready to apply? Check out the documents below:

Fay Slover Fund Application Guidelines

Fay Slover Fund Application Form & Narrative

Fay Slover Fund Application Budget Template

If you have any inquires about this process or application feel free to contact Program Manger Chanel Thervil via email at cthervil@theartconnection.org or by phone at 617-338-7668.