Diana Korzenik

Dawn, Acrylic on paper, placed at Grub StreetDiana Korzenik is a lauded writer, arts educator, and painter. She was the chair of the Department of Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art from 1972-1987, and in 2014, celebrated the acquisition of one of her paintings by the Brooklyn Museum.

This artist has made 22 artworks available in The Art Connection’s portfolio, most of them created in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Of these, 20 have found homes in 18 qualifying social service agencies. “I am happy to see the fruits of my “gifts” double as “gifts”to others.” Diana tells us. ” Thanks to a major donor artist Suzanne Hodes, I began donating work to The Art Connection 14 years ago.” Diana’s artwork was most recently selected in October by the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Milford, MA.
Art Historical Jamboree: Judgement of Paris, Oil on canvas, placed at Massasoit Community College, Middleborough
Diana shares why she was drawn to, and continues to believe in, The Art Connection’s mission: ” Each era uses its artists differently. In our time, too often we condense all values into monetary value. High prices lure in buyers with the illusion of art investment. This model deprives vast swathes of people of art’s comforts, stimulations, inspiration, and energy! Recipient organizations, Massasoit Community College and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, particularly in reflecting on what my artwork means to them, even in print, fortify my ties to an ongoing appreciative audience.”
Eggs and Odd Birds/Pink Field, Acrylic on paper with butterfly wings, placed at Edward M. Kennedy Community Health CenterIn addition to making artwork, Diana is an author whose book Drawn to Art, a Nineteenth-Century American Dream won The 1986 Boston Globe L.L. Winship Literary Award. She is also a collector of art education ephemera, and her collection has been housed at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California since 1998. Her book, Objects of American Art Education: Highlights from the Diana Korzenik Collection gives an overview of the collection and its history.
Summer Reflections, Acrylic on paper, placed at East Boston Neighborhood Health CenterDiana first made artwork available in our portfolio in 2007 and has been an active participant since. About a dozen of Diana’s art donations were from a series of self portraits/reflections paintings. “The work grew from photographic “mistakes” / “miss takes”/ reflections in glass that showed me myself between over lapping imagery, reflections showing inside my kitchen and also the outside green space of my backyard. In my mind, as I worked with these, the paintings became visual equivalents of a time collapse: space before me (kitchen seen through glass) and the back yard behind me, came to present time and future time. These works mean much to me and happily they have evoked wonderful responses from viewers.”