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A Fast Five Questions with Janel Houton

While Janel Houton has been  an art donor since 2015, her artwork has been an extremely popular choice recently.  Since the beginning of 2018, she’s had thirteen works join the permanent collections of FriendshipWorks, Health Resources in Action, and Charles River Community Health Center. During the artwork selection process the most common remarks associated with … Continue reading A Fast Five Questions with Janel Houton

Our Fast Four with Jeannie Motherwell

Since 2006, Jeannie Motherwell’s whimsical washes have graced the halls of agencies primarily serving students and elders like Massbay Community College, Cooperative Elder Services Inc, and North Suffolk Mental Health. We are excited to ask her the “Fast Four” questions as our first Artist Feature in 2018.

Jack Lillis

It was serendipity that brought artist Jack Lillis and The Art Connection together, despite living on the other side of the US in Northern California. A friend residing in the South End “sent me an article about an art auction or sale sponsored by The Art Connection at the Cyclorama building on Tremont Street in … Continue reading Jack Lillis

Debra Olin

Debra Olin is an artist who is captivated by intersections and connections, a fitting characteristic for someone who has been so devoted to helping our organization fulfill its mission of connecting people with art. As a practicing printmaker who hails from a sculpture background, for Debra the physical process of art making stems from making … Continue reading Debra Olin

Tatiana Roulin

For Tatiana Roulin, making art is much more than a process, it’s a 6th sense, intrinsic to her existence and as necessary as food, water and air. Tatiana sees the beauty of everyday living and finds her spark to create in many places—nature, everyday objects, people, books, and life stories. Ever since her first donation … Continue reading Tatiana Roulin

Stephanie Warburg

“To dream and to fantasize define my universe,” says artist Stephanie Warburg, who has been donating her “fantastic realism” landscapes, seascapes, and still life paintings in oil through The Art Connection since 2003.

Timothy Wilson

Timothy Wilson is a photographer who strives for a sense of poignancy and mystery. He began donating in fall 2014, and three works have already found homes in local service organizations. His photograph “Once Played” (featured here) was selected to be part of Art BINGO 2015. Play to win it!

Ellen Rich

Ellen Rich likes shapes which are exaggerated, over the top, and awkward and show how the piece evolves in its making. She loves working with materials, the infinite color choices, the cutting, the smoothing down, the additive action; adding but rarely subtracting until it feels right. The sometimes rough edges and unfinished, messy bits for … Continue reading Ellen Rich

Diana Korzenik

Diana Korzenik is a lauded writer, arts educator, and painter. She was the chair of the Department of Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art from 1972-1987, and in 2014, celebrated the acquisition of one of her paintings by the Brooklyn Museum. This artist has made 22 artworks available in The Art Connection’s portfolio, most … Continue reading Diana Korzenik

Fay Chandler

The image you see above is called “Outer World.”  It was created using mixed media by artist and The Art Connection founder, Fay Chandler.  This artwork was donated to the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of MA, Inc. through The Art Connection. Fay Chandler has had more than 30 solo art exhibitions.  Her work appears … Continue reading Fay Chandler

Anne Silber

Anne Silber first donated in April 1998. “I had a ‘why didn’t I think of that moment’; it was such a great concept.” Her serigraphs, or silkscreen prints, are hand-printed using hand-cut lacquer film stencils.

Tova Speter

Tova Speter has not only been The Art Connection’s Program Manager, but also a donating artist and facilitator of our “Engaging Communities” Mural Project. Since 2005 she has donated six works, facilitated seven community mural projects and helped place 2618 works of art in 169 organizations! Tova is an artist, art therapist, and community muralist … Continue reading Tova Speter

Suzanne Hodes

Suzanne Hodes is a long-time Art Connection supporter and has been donating art since 1996. Since then she has celebrated the placement of 102 of her paintings and mixed media works in 88 Boston-area organizations. “Of the many great agencies that have received my work, one stands out.” Suzanne recalls fondly the artwork selected in … Continue reading Suzanne Hodes

Susan Schwalb

  Now in her eighth year of donating art through The Art Connection, 93 of Susan Schwalb’s art works have been selected by agencies throughout Boston. Susan works in silverpoint and uses metal leaf and powders to create shimmering effect on the canvas, paper, and board she works on. “My work is abstract and my … Continue reading Susan Schwalb

Sarah Berry

We are pleased to welcome Sarah Berry as our newest member of The Art Connection family. Not only a new staff member, Sarah is a wonderful photographer and participating art donor, who has already had four of her works selected within a month of making them available! Sarah’s passion for photography began at the age … Continue reading Sarah Berry

Prilla Smith Brackett

Over the last 13 years, Prilla Smith Brackett has donated over 114 pieces to The Art Connection. Her vibrant landscape paintings are displayed in 76 different Boston-area nonprofits organizations, offering each agency a welcome escape into the comforting beauty of nature.  Breaking News! Prilla and her work were recently featured in ArtScope magazine. Read the … Continue reading Prilla Smith Brackett

Nan Tull

Nan Tull has been a donating artist for over five years. She likes working with The Art Connection because we “help her get outside herself and share some of her love of art with others.” That love is certainly shared at 20+ community agencies who have selected 40 of her works to grace their walls … Continue reading Nan Tull

Mike Ritter

Now in his third year as a participating artist, photographer Mike Ritter has donated 20 artworks to 10 local nonprofits. Recipient organizations that connect with his work range from groups working with the elderly to those in low-income housing, and from at-risk youth to newly arrived refugees – demonstrating his versatility and ability to use … Continue reading Mike Ritter

Martha Jane Bradford

Since 2001, Brookline artist Martha Jane Bradford has been donating her art through our program. A surge of interest in her work at the end of 2009 brought her above 75, and Martha has now donated 84 acrylics, oils, etchings, silkscreens, and digital drawings to community nonprofits. Here we answer the question: What exactly is … Continue reading Martha Jane Bradford

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson is a photographer whose “automatic montage” technique lends itself to creating images of Boston and beyond that are familiar, colorful, and highly popular with our recipient agencies. He first made art available for donation through The Art Connection in 2011. Mark says his objective is “to take an ordinary view of specific but … Continue reading Mark Peterson

Maria Termini

Newton artist Maria Termini has currently donated more work than any other Art Connection artist. Her 255th piece was recently selected by The Asian American Civic Association, and her artwork hangs in over 100 nonprofits in the greater Boston area. As noted on her website, “Maria creates joyful, colorful and earthy artworks that witness wonder … Continue reading Maria Termini

Marcia Sewall

Featured artist Marcia Sewall shares her thoughts of the program: “The Art Connection makes a great contribution to the artist and the community. It allows the artist to, in a sense, volunteer in a meaningful way, sharing with organizations that might otherwise not be able to afford original art.” Marcia Sewall, artist and writer, engages … Continue reading Marcia Sewall

John Borchard

“For me, the photograph is raw material: not an end but a beginning” says donating photographer John Borchard, who goes by JB. Images from his series of Venice Windows and Scenes of Fogs and Mists are often described as calming, something many of our agencies look for in the art they select. When asked about … Continue reading John Borchard

JoAnne Hungate

JoAnne Hungate is an established artist with Boston roots currently living and working in Tucson, Arizona. She has been making art for more than 70 years and works in water media, collage, and assemblage and has celebrated the placement of 75 artworks through The Art Connection. JoAnne made her first donation through The Art Connection … Continue reading JoAnne Hungate

JoAnn Rothschild

JoAnn has been donating art through The Art Connection for over 10 years and has donated the largest works we have been able to offer in our portfolio. Her colorful paintings on canvas are often 8′ x 10′ or bigger and are literally HUGE gifts to local nonprofits. With a studio in the South End, … Continue reading JoAnn Rothschild

Jessica Pinsky

You might recognize painter Jessica Pinsky’s style from our 2011 holiday card. Her two donations from the “What’s Your Fortune?” series were both selected by Whidden Hospital in November for display in its Women’s Health Center. Jessica is an Ohio native who moved to Boston to attend graduate school at Boston University, where she completed … Continue reading Jessica Pinsky

Jessica Burko

Jessica Burko is an artist, independent curator, arts marketer, and graphic designer. Her photographic mixed-media work incorporates collage, encaustic, and found objects. Jessica has been involved with The Art Connection since 2006 as an art donor and a volunteer. She helped us tremendously during her tenure on the Development and Marketing Committee in 2008-2010. Sixteen … Continue reading Jessica Burko

Jeannine Cook

Jeannine Cook’s vibrant, luminous watercolor paintings are popular with a range of agencies. Jeannine is currently based in Townsend Georgia, was born in Tanzania, is European by heritage, and British-American by nationality. She is one of a growing number of active art donors who live outside of Boston. Jeannine Cook has been generously donating art … Continue reading Jeannine Cook

Jason Pechinski

When an artist donates work, it may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years for the work to be selected. Jason has only been an art donor with The Art Connection for six short months, and yet all eight of the works he has made available for donation have already … Continue reading Jason Pechinski

Janet Shapero

Janet Shapero has enjoyed seeing 34 of her art donations find homes in our partner organizations since 2004. Her donations are primarily of Rete-chromes, Janet’s unique process which involves layering pigment on an open-weave backing, produces images that let some light through them and attract recipient agencies to them with their vibrant use of color and the intrigue … Continue reading Janet Shapero

Ginny Zanger

Ginny Zanger is an artist and an avid scuba diver and is drawn to the unique colors and light she experiences while weightless underwater. Trees are also a great source of inspiration. Ginny works in watercolor and monotype and creates much of her work to share her love of nature. Five of her donations have … Continue reading Ginny Zanger

Fran Grossman

Fran Grossman began donating work through The Art Connection in 2008. Since then, 30 of her landscape and cityscape oil paintings and pastels have been brought to life in 20 Boston-area agencies, including four artworks finding homes this fall at Spectrum Adult Day Health Center and Whidden Hospital. Fran is a member of the Newton … Continue reading Fran Grossman

Faith Hyde

As of this year Faith has joined our 100 club! We have now placed 154 of her works in community agencies! Her lively caricatures of people she comes across while out and about inspire smiles in 48 Boston area organizations. Faith is an artist who received her education at the Rhode Island School of Design … Continue reading Faith Hyde

Elly Rubin

Newton artist Eleanor Rubin, an art donor with The Art Connection for 13 years, now has 37 of her works on display at 24 local nonprofits. “Magnified Wish,” a series of watercolors from 2004 are among her most recent donations – here she talks about the inspiration for these works and why donating her art … Continue reading Elly Rubin

Edie Bowers

Artwork by Edie Bowers, “Falling into Place, 5”, was recently selected as the 5,000th work of art placed by The Art Connection! This work was selected in March by a committee of staff and residents at United Residents in Academy Homes II (URIAH) in Roxbury. “Falling into Place, 5,” oil stick on paper, and “Italian … Continue reading Edie Bowers

David Kupferman

David Kupferman recently moved from Waltham to Iowa but not before dropping off “a couple of works” for donation through our program. And by “a couple of works” we mean 200! We have placed over 75 works of his in the past five years and look forward to placing hundreds more (literally) in the years … Continue reading David Kupferman

Cora Roth

An art donor since 2000, Cora Roth had donated 15 works that were placed in 13 agencies in the Boston area. She recently moved to LA, but first donated an additional 30 large works which now hang on display in The Art Connection office gallery. Cora describes her art as a tool: “through painting I … Continue reading Cora Roth

Clara Wainwright

Clara Wainwright is the Honorary Chair of 2013 Art BINGO. She has placed 16 fabric collages and quilts through The Art Connection. Her fabric art is beautiful and serves to tell stories of people from all walks of life. Clara is most known for being the Founding Mother of Boston’s First Night. Clara’s artistic achievements … Continue reading Clara Wainwright

Catherine Carter

Catherine Carter is a painter, teacher, and arts writer based in Holliston, MA. Since 2006, she has donated 19 of her acrylic and spraypaint paintings. Thirteen of these colorful works have found permanent homes in places where people were drawn to their bright and playful characteristics. Catherine describes her work as being       “all about … Continue reading Catherine Carter

Beverly Sky

Beverly Sky is an artist and designer specializing in fiber, fabric collage, handmade paper, and installation art. She is now in her second year of donating art, and her work in both watercolor and fabric collage have been placed through The Art Connection. Beverly has been immersed in the arts as a dancer, a weaver, … Continue reading Beverly Sky

Ann Sayre Wiseman

Ann Sayre Wiseman’s artwork donations have been a welcome addition to The Art Connection portfolio since 2002. Ann passed away in April 2013 and her artwork lives on at our partner agencies, as well as at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and in the 14 books she wrote on crafting, creativity, and expressive therapy. We honor … Continue reading Ann Sayre Wiseman

Adria Arch

Adria Arch is a painter, mixed media artist, teacher and arts administrator. Adria Arch’s paintings focus on the contrast between the accidental flow of materials such as paint drips and sprays and the deliberate placement of lines and marks derived from found sources. A recurring element in her work has been the use of doodle … Continue reading Adria Arch

Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes made her first donation in 2009 and has placed 19 works in a range of different media, styles, and sizes since then. “It just feels good to do it,” she says of making her work available to our recipient agencies. “Yes, art is for everyone”.