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A Fast Five Questions with Janel Houton

While Janel Houton has been  an art donor since 2015, her artwork has been an extremely popular choice recently.  Since the beginning of 2018, she’s had thirteen works join the permanent collections of FriendshipWorks, Health Resources in Action, and Charles River Community Health Center. During the artwork selection process the most common remarks associated with her work include an admiration for their vibrancy, tranquility, and joyful renditions of nature. Continue reading A Fast Five Questions with Janel Houton

Colorful Compositions

Many of the social service agencies we partner with are in search of colorful artwork to brighten the halls of their spaces. A prime example of that can be found in the paintings by art donor Matt Carrano. This work is called “Entropy No 2”.

New Programs

Logo Design by Julie Griffin Kauff

Artful Seeds is a collaborative partnership between The Art Connection and community-serving agencies that engages reflection and creativity through art-making workshops. The Art Connection staff design and lead a customized art-making experience that simultaneously supports partner agency curricula and clients as they navigate their way to new horizons—from homelessness to housed, from substance misuse to recovery, or from trauma to healing.

Catholic Charities’ Yawkey Center

When asked to join the selection committee Michelle Perry, the Catholic Charities Adult Basic Education Program Coordinator, shared that she was “so excited about the opportunity to bring more beauty into our work space. It reminded me of a quote that I heard years ago: ‘…because art is never a luxury.’  I was pleasantly surprised to find the art was donated by talented and charitable artists, and, that we get the keep the selected art in our building!  It was so refreshing to take a break from the work of serving people in crisis, to enjoy the works of art being donated.” Continue reading Catholic Charities’ Yawkey Center

BEST Corp. 

“One of the goals of BEST seeking art from The Art Connection was to expose our job seeker clients to the professional atmosphere they’ll encounter at our luxury employer properties. Mission accomplished!,” exclaims Assistant Director Joan Abbot. Through art placement, BEST has received 20 works of art in a variety of mediums thanks to the thoughtfulness of their client based selection committee. Their constructive banter about potential interpretations and questions that could be generated by the subjects and messages in the art, set the tone for community building they wanted the works to foster. Continue reading BEST Corp. 

Carlyn M. Ekstrom

“Through my Swedish husband, I was introduced to art in many places in Sweden. Even the police station in his small hometown had several original works. My father in law lived in a facility that featured many paintings and photographs. Seeing the artwork in these places made me feel uplifted and in touch with human creativity,” recalls donating artist Carlyn M. Ekstrom. “So hearing about The Art Connection from fellow printmaker, Sarah Shallbetter, felt like a way to participate in this wonderful experience in America.” Continue reading Carlyn M. Ekstrom

Project Hope

“In 2006, Project Hope opened a Community Building on Dudley Street – the first LEED Silver certified, earth-friendly building in Roxbury – to serve as its headquarters and a neighborhood center for job training, adult education, housing counseling, community empowerment, and more. Shortly after that time we were the recipients of several pieces of art from The Art Connection. This past year, we created two new classrooms and renovated offices and meeting spaces throughout the building. This sparked us to apply to The Art Connection again. It has been a great experience from beginning to end,” gushes Peggy Comfrey, Executive Assistant at Project Hope. Continue reading Project Hope

Jeannie Lindheim

“My mother took me to art museums when I was younger, and I took a figure drawing class in college and LOVED it!  Then, I discovered Jeanne Carbonetti in Chester, Vermont and studied with her and I was hooked,” says artist Jeannie Lindheim of her first flirtations with art. Those moments of inquiry have transformed into a solid passion for Lindheim, who has had over 50 works of art placed in social service agencies through The Art Connection. Continue reading Jeannie Lindheim

Violence Intervention Advocacy Program

The Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (VIAP) treats all victims of violence who enter via the Emergency Department at Boston Medical Center. It is a peer model run program that provides crisis intervention, case management, mental health services, and reconnection to educational, vocational, and other community services. VIAP assists victims of violence and their families in recovering from physical and emotional trauma through empowerment. Continue reading Violence Intervention Advocacy Program

Renu O’Connell

“As an artist I have immersed myself in the philosophy that in artmaking, the meaning matters. This I learned from my wonderful art mentor, Kate Ransohoff. To this extent my paintings in tempera and acrylics depict stories and insights relevant to us and the natural world we live in.” Wise words from one of our beloved art donors, Renu O’Connell. Continue reading Renu O’Connell

Project Citizenship

“Clients often tell us that the art reminds them of home,” says Jacob Brescia-Weiler, a summer intern at Project Citizenship. Considering that Project Citizenship’s mission is to educate immigrants about the benefits of citizenship, and to help permanent residents overcome barriers to naturalization, getting clients to feel at home in their facilities is a big deal. Continue reading Project Citizenship

Jack Lillis

It was serendipity that brought artist Jack Lillis and The Art Connection together, despite living on the other side of the US in Northern California. A friend residing in the South End “sent me an article about an art auction or sale sponsored by The Art Connection at the Cyclorama building on Tremont Street in Boston. I held on to the article for a few years before I contacted The Art Connection,” remarks Lillis. “Like many artists, I had a lot of artwork that I had made over many years, and I thought that it would be better to have some of it placed where many people could see it, rather than stored in my studio.” Continue reading Jack Lillis

Welcome Chanel Thervil as Program Manager

14333784_1183129668406908_1086486495676533450_nChanel Thervil is a mixed media artist and educator intrigued by all things generated through combining art, education, and community. While she considers herself a New Yorker at heart, she is excited to explore all that the Boston arts scene has to offer through engaging with artists and organizations that use art to enrich and inspire the public. Her warmth and passion for spreading the joys of art will be a great addition to The Art Connection team.

Check out our announcement via Vertical Response here.

To learn more about Chanel and her work in the arts check out her staff bio here and her website by clicking here.