Artist BBQ 2009

75+ artists and friends were in attendance for The Art Connection’s 4th annual Artist BBQ on June 18, 2009. It may have been raining outside, but it didn’t keep the party from raging inside! Artists enjoying the BBQGuests enjoying the BBQ














We enjoyed the poetry of executive director Jim McDonald, great food (mmm… cheese ring bologna), Marian and JB’s beautiful home, and an installation of fun answers to a series of artist-inspired questions. Here are some examples of responses that made the top 5:


Installation of Artist Answers at the BBQ
If you could have any superpower as an artist, what would it be?
5. Brushes to magically wash themselves.
4. Strength to carry a ton of work.
3. The ability to ignore what other people think.
2. To be able to be in my studio AND other places at the same time.
1. To grant artists the ability to make their livings by making art!


What inspires your art?
5. Scotch and Soda.
4. Every day.
3. Nature and music.
2. Life.
1. Anything and everything.Guests enjoying the BBQ




Please complete the sentence: My art allows me to…
5. …worry incessantly about money 🙂
4. …express yourself in a way words do not.
3. …both to be my best self, and to lose myself altogether.
2. …breathe!
1. …feel like I’m alive!


Wanna see more pics of the event? Click here.