About The Art Connection

The Art Connection is the only non-profit in the Boston metro area that enriches and empowers underserved communities by providing access to original works of visual art.

People at Boston Plan for Excellence admire an abstract painting from David Kupferman.

We were founded over two decades ago by philanthropist and community leader in the Boston art scene, Fay Chandler. We build bridges between local artists and social service agencies to improve tens of thousands of lives each year.

At the heart of The Art Connection is the Art Donation and Placement Program which results in permanent exhibitions of original artwork in social service spaces such as health clinics, homeless shelters, and safe houses. We actively source original works of art gifted by local artists and then facilitate a community curation process that empowers agencies to take charge of their onsite culture. The original works of art add dimension, warmth, and provide welcome opportunities for reflection, inspiration, comfort, and hope. Over 400 of our recipient agencies have found that original artwork enlivens spaces and connects them to their constituents in profound ways.

Artists are delighted to give back to their community and to exhibit their work in places that attract large numbers of visitors. Our artists feel good knowing they uplift and enhance the lives of community members as they receive critical services. Thanks to their generosity over 7,000 original works of art are showcased in Greater Boston.

A Catholic Charities Staff member paints his vision of success during one of our Artful Seeds Workshops.

The Art Connection provides further engagement through educational programs and workshops that build and deepen relationships with agencies, community members, and local artists. The opportunity to experience art in these environments provides inspiration, self-expression, and creativity. The permanent exhibitions and educational programs, funded through individual and institutional donations, are designed to support community health and prosperity.

The Art Connection uses the universal language of art to build connections between social service agencies, community members, artists, and art enthusiasts. Ours is an enriching creative collaboration on all counts.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.