Our 2013 Volunteers

In April 2013, we had nearly 40 volunteers support us at our 2nd Annual fundraising event, Art BINGO! Thanks to all who helped!

Bethany Hubartt, a graduate graphic design student at Suffolk University, volunteered in our office, designing placards for distribution to recipient agencies. Her personal website can be viewed at www.bethanyhubarttdesign.com. Her motto is “To succeed one must be creative and persistent.” 

Ana Annicchiarico joined us weekly in the fall to reach out to artists in the community, wrap artwork for our recipient agencies, and assist with administrative tasks. She completed her degree in Cultural Anthropology from Boston University and moved back home to Florida at year end.  

Shubha Roy is interested in assisting more with artist outreach and in the office in 2014. Pursuing her MA in Graphic Design from New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, she believes that art is life and a single piece can convey something that hundreds of pages cannot. Shubha strives to provide graphic solutions to problems and has a simple mantra for her designs, “Simple Complexity”.  

Laura McFarland Burns helped us compose a short film about our mission and programming. She is a photographer and filmmaker with a love for Natural History and experimental “New-Non-Fiction” films that challenge the expected visual discourses of society. She believes that shared artistic expression and storytelling are essential to humanity! Laura is in her final semester, working towards a combined BFA degree from the School of MFA and Tufts.  

Continuing into her second year with us, Georgianna Baker promotes artist outreach and making connections with artists in the Boston area at open studios.

Jill Manca is a graphic designer and artist. Check out her website www.behance.net/JillManca. She enjoys many pursuits, one of which is supporting the work The Art Connection does. She celebrated two years as a volunteer in May!

“Doing Good is Good for You,” conducted by UnitedHealth Group, found that the individual benefits of volunteerism extend far beyond professional opportunities. Volunteering can boost mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing by providing a means of stress relief and community support.

The Art Connection has been incredibly fortunate with the positive impact from these volunteers!