Our 2012 Volunteers

We had some great volunteers this year that helped with all areas of program, fundraising, and at our Art Bingo event in March! There were over 30 volunteers (Amanda, Betsy, Brook, Cobi, David, Deb, Deena, Ellen, Georgianna, Hilly, Ildiko, Jill, Jing, Kat, Lily, Lynn, Maggi, Marita, Mary, Mercedes, Michael B, Michael R, Natasha, Prilla, Rachel, Richard, Rikki, Sarah B, Sarah C, Sarah S, and Susan) that helped make our Art Bingo a success. In the office, we were fortunate for the continued assistance from Jill Manca, Natasha Vianna, and Georgianna Baker who started with us in 2011! Plus, Rebecca Clower joined our team in April, helping with grant proposals.

Please check out Jill’s work at: http://www.behance.net/JillManca

You can follow Natasha here: https://twitter.com/NatashaVianna

We are looking for volunteers for our upcoming fundraising event, Art Bingo, April 22, 2013. If interested, please contact us at 617-338-7668 or info@theartconnection.org