Our 2009 Volunteers

Like many nonprofits, The Art Connection has been blessed by the volunteer gods, who have sent us over the past year several super volunteers and interns with talents particularly suited to our needs. We are immensely grateful for their time, talents and legacies they have left at The Art Connection.

Education Placard created for Hope House by Beth LuchnerFirst, many thanks to Beth Luchner, who helped launch a new education pilot in the form of large laminated placards that are created for each recipient agency. The placards feature all of the art chosen by each agency, along with an artist quote and a quote from an agency spokesperson. It’s a great way to sample their new collections and to appreciate the scope, scale, and variety of original artwork made available for donation and selection through our program.

Another visual testament to our program is available to anyone surfing the web. Joanna Wu designed and built our online portfolio of art placements, a slideshow of our art placements. We collaborate with 30 agencies each year, and we’re already nearing a full year’s worth of art selections by agency, through this powerful, visual blog tool.

In the Park. NY by Michael Rizzo, selected by Center for Family ConnectionsMichael Rizzo interned with us for a year and a half, helping on all sorts of fronts, from planning our annual artists’ BBQ and other smaller events to interviewing artists for our newsletter, and photographing art. An intrepid photographer, Michael stays with us through our program, as he recently became an art donor as well. We have already placed two of his nine photographs available for donation.

Brook Holliday works in planned giving with United Way and is also getting her masters in arts administration at BU. Despite her full schedule, she continues to help us afterhours on the program front as well as lending her grace to almost every one of our events. She has attended numerous local Open Studios to help keep an eye out for potential artists who might be interested in our program.

Many thanks to Beth, Joanna, Michael, and Brook.

And welcome to artist and BC linguistics’ major Larrissa Belcic, our newest friend on the volunteer circuit!

To find out more how you can get involved, please email us at info@theartconnection.org.