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The Art Connection simplifies the process of donating art to qualified social service organizations with a quick application and visit to your site.

Potential recipients are invited to submit an Application to Receive Art to us. Our staff and program committee review the application and (pending approval) arrange an on-site visit to the social service agency.

At the Site Visit, we educate staff about our program and the responsibilities associated with an art placement. A site tour helps to determine if the organization has appropriate space for a permanent installation and helps to set parameters for the number and types of artworks to be considered for placement. Pending approval, the next visit, called the Placement Visit, provides the opportunity for staff and program participants to view a digital portfolio of images of available art works and to select the work they wish to own and display.


"Their bond that day - our bond - was not about pain or grief. It was instead grounded in the determination to make the new space special and welcoming for those who would follow us there. The Art Connection gave us the chance to fill that space with serenity and comfort. To put its occupants at ease and reassure them that they are with friends." Kara Hayes, Director, Victim Witness Assistance Program